Scented candle Amber Shaman 185g

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New Scented candle Amber Shaman 185g
Natural Wax - cotton wick - burning time: 48H
Head note : Red Thyme
Heart note : Patchouli
Bottom note : Saffron, Amber
A warm and powerful scent, inspired by shamanic rituals. A trip for both body and soul.
Intensity  ****

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Fragrance Designer

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At first use, burn your candle until most of the surface melts.

 Do not let your candle burn for more than 3 hours at a time.
 Should the wick require centering, gently readjust the correct position when    the wax is still molten. Should any black smoke appear, trim the tip of the wick. It should be clean and no longer than 5mm.
 Should your candle burn too long, without centering and cutting the wick, and black smoke occurs, clean your glass with Fariboles Marseille soap and damp cloth.
 Always protect table or surface on which your candle rests.
 Do not burn your candle all the way down, always leave at least 10mm of non molten wax at the bottom, to protect your glass .
Fragrance intensity : * soft, ** mild, *** strong,  **** intense
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